Notification Center

Users needed to be notified when they were assigned a security incident, and to be able to act on it.

In the MVP version of the notification center, we only focused on this single type of notification. We needed 2 different parts - pop up notifications, and a notification center for the users to dig deeper.

I led a meeting with all the stakeholders. During this meeting, I presented my research of other notification systems and features for notification pop ups and the notification center.

1 Type of Notification
Notifications will be sent when a user is assigned to a security incident. All other notification types will be done during future enhancements.
On Clicking Notification
Users should be able to open the incident from the notification and view the source.
Read vs Unread
Users can see read and unread notifications.
Pop Ups
Notification pop up should be available on Ribbon header and users can open notification center from there.
Other Functionality
Filter and search needed.

Notification Center Wireframes

The wireframing process was done before the MVP requirements were given and helped frame these requirements. The team did not know what types of notifications were going to be built.

What I did: I made wireframes for as many situations as possible. I assumed that a large amount of information would have to be shown due to the nature of the product. I made versions that had notifications grouped into categories, various expandable notifications, tags, and actions buttons for quick response to threats.

Pop-Up Notification Wireframes

For quick access to notifications, a pop-up version had to be made. A bell icon on the Ribbon header would make a ringing motion to indicate a new notification. A notification box would appear upon clicking the bell. This allows users to view recent notifications or open the notification center. The direction of how this would part would work was based on analysis of other notifications systems and requirements by the PM.

The MVP release had 1 type of notification- when user is assigned to an incident (a security event).

Receiving a Notification Flow

Filter Flow

Vertical Elliptical Menu Flow

Clear All Flow

This project was challenging since the requirements were a work in progress for most of the duration of the project. I was still expected to present ideas and screens every week so I had to research and create various screens based on my assumptions of what our notifications could be. It taught me to be prepared for whatever scenario could be thrown at me during meetings.