Insurance Quote Request

Brought the company from concept to revenue

Company's Perspective

Customer's Perspective

In order to launch insurance as quickly as possible, we created an MVP flow. My job was to improve on this flow. I created a flow that allowed users to enter more information about their property so that we could use an API to send the user a quote immediately instead of Azibo representative contacting the user on the phone.

Competitive Audit

To start, I took screenshots of every single screen of a few of our competitors to build a flow. Through this exercise, I realized that there 2 models- length and depth

LENGTH-  Each screen only has 1 question so the entire flow is very long

DEPTH- Fewer screens but each screen has multiple questions

Add Property

Add Property Information


Icons for Savings

I made these icons from scratch for the savings screen using Figma.



I made a few rough mockups on how the insurance platform can expand.