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My name is Annika. I'm a UX designer in Cambridge, MA, doing my Master's in Human Factors Engineering (HCI) at Tufts University. I love designing intuitive user experiences and have 3 years of professional UX experience at Cisco and Azibo.

Decorative circles that resembles the brand logo


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Cisco logo

Notification Center

Cisco SecureX (Now Cisco XDR) needed a notification center that alerted cyber security analysts to security threats and breaches.

UX Research | Wireframing | Creating MVP

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(Previously Zibo)

Insurance Quote Request

Tackling reducing user drop-off during the long process of quote request.

User Testing | UX Research | Prototyping

A picture of my work on the insurance work at Azibo
Snapshot of my work on the vendor pay feature of Azibo
Azibo logo

(Previously Zibo)

Vendor Pay

Enable landlords to pay vendors, contractors, and transfer money between bank accounts.

Mobile First Approach | Agile | From scratch